About me

I am a graduate of economics and political science. I also taught literature. I have been a researcher for ten years. Before that, I worked for 18 years as a teacher/lecturer. I taught for thirteen years in matriculation programs in Canada (two years) and Malaysia (eleven years). Subjects included Canadian Law, World Issues, Economics, and Canadian and European History. Subsequently, I taught for five years at the Islamic Science University of Malaysia. I taught half a dozen English subjects, including TOEFL, ESL, English Literature (Shakespeare) and Creative Writing. At USIM I was Co-ordinator of the English program in 2006, with thirty-eight staff (eighteen full and twenty part-time). More recently, at a research Institute I edited books and articles. There I wrote three books, twenty papers and forty articles. Reflections, Between East and West and Issues in Islamic and Conventional Finance are posted here and also on Abdul Karim Abdullah and Islamic Papers. My papers are also available on ResearchGate and Academia.


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